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Cryptid: Bigfoot - Cubles

Cryptid: Bigfoot - Cubles

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Part Ape, Part Man, All Mysterious!

If you can’t find one in the wild, you can certainly build one yourself. You might call it Sasquatch, or a Yeti, or Bigfoot—we just call it fun! Bigfoot is the first in our ongoing series of Cryptozoic Creatures. 

CUBLES are many things: a stimulating 3D learning and educational STEM toy, puzzle, origami, craft, challenging brain teaser, collectible, building activity. Completed figures are even movable!

  • Like a mash-up of origami and a puzzle. Bring your favorite characters to life with this fun, hands-on challenge.
  • Decode the color-coded hints and numbered tabs to connect, construct and build your Cuble all without step-by-step instructions.
  • Engage your inner-engineer! Enhance your critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills by learning to visualize flat objects in 3D.

100% recyclable and made in the USA.

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