A Look Inside The Vault

from left to right = Hali, John, Jennifer

Recently opened in the fall of 2022, The Vault is a family-owned, small town, brick-and-mortar shop. We love getting to know and connecting with our customers! We started The Vault to do just that - create a modern version of the bygone era of the local Five-and Dime variety store! We set forth to embody an environment where our customers feel at home when they walk through the door. We are fortunate to offer a pleasant alternative to standing in lines at giant retail stores where you are just another customer. We diligently work to be the go to merchant of unique gifts, social good snacks, vintage and modern toys, various vintage clothing, and an ever-changing variety of neat stuff!

The response locally has been encouraging and now we hope you also become a part of our growing #vaultfam! Through our online store, you will be able to experience that hometown connection right at your fingertips with the same friendly service, wide selection, and personal touch only our Vault family can offer you. Make that connection today and shop The Vault online!                                           

🧡 John, Jennifer, & Hali 

Also, GIANT thanks to Owen for his BIG BRAIN moves!!!